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Medical Office Membership

This membership would be appreciated by healthcare practitioners who want a designated location to treat patients/clients a few days a month without the daunting challenge of maintaining a medical office on a daily basis. The Medical Office Membership is specifically designed for healthcare practitioners and providers such as physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, therapists (mental health, occupational, physical, speech), and other health care personnel. This space is equipped with all of the amenities of an exam/treatment room and meets the requirements for compliance under the  American Disabilities Act (ADA). The  Medical Space Membership includes:​

  • Fully furnished medical exam room (exam table, exam light, workstation, exam stool, storage cabinetry, lab draw chair, lab refrigerator, and access to a sink)

  • Fully equipped medical exam room (integrated wall diagnostic system, CardioCard ECG system, Dinamap vitals monitor, height/weight scale), centrifuge

  • Secured office space

  • ​Physical business mailing address 

  • Mail receiving 

  • Designated fax line​

  • Designated printer to protect personal health information

  • Designated phone with answering service

  • Copier/fax/printer/scanner services 

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