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Medical Coworking Space

What is Medical Coworking Space?

Coworking space is a concept that many independent entrepreneurs and small businesses have utilized for several years. It allows them the benefits of having access to a professional space on a flexible schedule, without committing to all the expenses of an office. Coworking has helped many entrepreneurs keep costs low while building great businesses. The time has come for medical professionals to be afforded the same cost-effective opportunity and flexibility of walking into a space prepared just for them.

Do You Offer a Specialty?



Doula Services

Drug Rehabilitation

Holistic Medicine

Lab Services

Lymphatic Therapy

Massage Therapy

Medical Spa

Weight Loss


Why Medical Coworking Space is for you?

  • It gives you an opportunity to focus on patient care without the pressure of focusing on office expenses.

  • It gives you an opportunity to grow your practice with low cost and low risk.

  • It gives you an opportunity to explore practice interest without leaving your primary employment.

  • It gives you an opportunity to bring your expertise and specialty to an underserved area of  SC.

  • It gives you an opportunity to get ahead of the growing trend of medical coworking space.

Koworking Korner!

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